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Jessica Simpson sighting a hour ago

I don’t know if this is news or not, but My friend lives in LA and is a shopaholic, she just texted me this:

KJ: Umm.I just shopped with j Simpson

Me: i hate you, how did that happen?

Me: how? You’re a tease

KJ: When I say shopped I mean stared, and when I say with, I mean at

Me: lmao, i hate you

KJ: Lol

Me: so how does she look, was there paparazzi everywhere, was she skinny, and the most important question of all, what did you buy me?

KJ: She looks like shit, Really skinny….And ….Nothing

Me: lol, fine!!. soo she’s going downhill eh?

KJ: She looks awful, Sorry, driving and texting at the same time, Her hair is fried

Me: ohhhh, dam, thats fucked she use to be so naturally pretty, probably working/partying too hard

KJ: Like frizzy straw, She probably weighs 100 lbs, and is only maybe 5 5, U can post it on the groupies list if u want

Me: i left groupies weeks ago; i will post it to ohnotheydidnt though

KJ: Okay, Don't quote me, Well u can just don't mention my name, But for real, her hair is soooo bleached and gross, She was wearing true religions and she was with ken paves

Me: nice, did you say hi or speak at all

KJ: Yeah, Smiled and said hello and vice versa

Me: what store was it?

KJ: Tryst, On Ventura blvd, in studio city, She shops there all the time

Me: k and how long ago was that, about what time?

[17:57] KJ: Like an hour ago


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